Our auto-dialer service is a hosted dialer solution that is designed to keep your costs low while providing you with the a reliable dialer solution.

With most hosted dialers, the service provider handles the actual ‘call’ and then transfers that call to your PBX system when a caller is reached. This is effective for many use cases. This method often result in additional telephony access charges, per-min charges, or other forms of metered billing to you. For large volume call centers, campaign dialers, and the like, this is often the most valid option.

For smaller organizations however the cost of a campaign dialer, can be a major factor prohibiting the usage of an auto-dialer. We have developed a simple API for use with Asterisk and Digium Switchvox based PBX systems that allow you to use your own phone system to handle automated call campaigns.

How it works

You simply upload your campaign list to our portal, set the start date, and calls start will start to be processed at the chosen time.

You can upload an excel worksheet, CSV file for fast importing. Don’t worry we even provide you with a template to use.

If you have opted to use your own PBX to handle calls, your PBX will start making calls at the pre-defined time.

If you have opted to use our campaign-dialing services, then our servers will initiate the calls for you and start feeding you live calls.

dialer diagram

What about Opt-out requests

Not everyone likes to receive marketing calls, and some users may wish to opt-out of receiving them in the future.  How that is handled depends the type of campaign-dialing you have selected.

If you have opted to have your PBX handle making the calls, then we can provide you with a sample dial-plan for how to handle opt-out requests. Those requests can be sent back to our servers, so that in the future, we can compare your requested number to dial, against the users request to not receive calls any longer. You can always retrieve this list form the portal at any time.

If you have chosen to have your campaign handled by our servers, we will provide the caller with a greeting informing them that if they wish to opt-out, they may before being connected to your PBX. (This is an optional feature that is enabled by default)

We also offer scrubbing services against the national “Do Not Call” list. In order to use our DNC scrubbing service you must have registered with telemarketing.donotcall.gov and have a valid account with active SAN. If you do not already have a valid SAN, we will work with you to obtain one.

How much?

If you configured your campaign to have your own PBX perform the dialing, then the cost of calls is determined by your current service provider. We simply charge a flat rate for processing your campaign based on how many numbers you have configured in your campaign.

If you are using our dialing services then you will be charged 3 cents per answered call, plus a per-min usage fee.  The actual charge for your per-min usage fee varies by the volume of calls made. One of our sales agents will be happy to speak with you in order to help determine the best option for your setup.


Currently our auto-dialer signup process requires us to manually setup up your account. Simply send an email to:auto dailervoice1meand one of our specialists will get back with you shortly.