Our click-2-call service is fully REST-based, using your own PBX to make calls. This avoids additional per-min rates charged by other services. We support Asterisk/FreePBX, and Digium Switchvox currently.

We do not re-route, record, or monitor your calls in any way. You are always in control of how your call is handled and routed.  If your application supports the CTI interface, integration can be as simple as setting the URL.

Sign up below for our free service, it is limited to 100 calls per month, and will always be free. For some users, this will be enough and we encourage you to use the service, however, if you call more than 100 numbers in a month consider purchasing one of our other plans. Your credits never expire, so if you buy 1000 credits, and it takes you 3 months or 3 years to use them, that’s just fine.

Trial Starter SOHO Pro The Works
Click-2-Call Limit 100 500 1000 5000 5000+
Rate FREE $25 $30 $125 $275
We are currently working on the on-line ordering setup. In the meantime please call us or open a support ticket, we will be happy to get you set you started.

Once your account has been setup you can start sending calls to your PBX using our simple integration page.

On-Premise Dialer

We understand that some installations require software to be hosted on a dedicated system, or a secure environment. If your organization requires on-premise installation be sure to speak with one of our sales representatives, about licensing.


If you require specialization or customization to our dialer server to integrate with your current PBX, please feel free to send us a request, to see how we can accommodate your needs.

API Documentation

You can view the API documentation here.