Technology is complicated. Billing shouldn’t be.

Support ServicesCustom Development**
Hourly rate$155.00$185.00
5hr block$125.00$175.00
10hr block$100.00-
20hr block- Call for rates --
Emergency Support*$250.00 /hr. 2 (hr minimal)
After-hours Support (5PM - 8PM M-F)$180 /hr. 1 hour min

All amounts are in USD CreditCardLogosWEB

The above table is a listing of our current hourly rates. All hourly services are billed at a minimal 1hr of service and are billed in 30-minute increments after the first hour. Pre-paid blocks of time are billed in 30-minute increments.

We also use project-based billing for many situations, where hourly billing may not be practical. If you have a new project your account manager will speak with you about project billing vs. hourly services to determine which is appropriate for your needs.

VAR / Resellers / B2B

We understand businesses rely on other businesses to fulfill services. If you are a VAR or reseller, we’d like to do business with you.

Support Contracts and Managed Services

Managed Service Agreements vary based on client needs. As a general rule of thumb VOICE1, Switchvox Support Agreements are based on the number of seats your system has, and the base price is calculated @ 1hr per seat per year. Other factors may contribute to the cost of your specific needs. Please contact sales for more details on pricing.

Emergency Services

Emergencies are defined as business-stopping events or an event that substantially prevents a business from performing its normal functions.  (e.g. A call center that can not make or receive calls).

Most critical issues may better be suited as ‘Urgent’. This is an important distinction as the cost of declaring an issue an emergency is substantial and should be reserved for those instances where the situation is warranted.

* All cases that are declared an emergency issue, will require an advanced payment of 2hrs. at the specified current rate, unless a support agreement that includes emergency services is currently active. 

** Custom software development, often requires different types of developers specializing in unique fields. The rates listed are reflective of the average costs for projects requiring complex development needs and resources. Smaller projects handled in-house are billed at our normal service rates.