Backing up Sequal Pro favorites

If you use Sequel Pro to administer MySQL databases, and have lots of custom queries saved, you might be shocked to find there is currently no export feature for the query favorites.

Don’t worry, just open up the terminal (or iTerm) and save a copy of your Favorites.plist to re import. In my case I want to maintain a copy in Dropbox.

Connection Favorites

First lets save a copy of your connections.

cp ~/Library/Application\ Support/Sequel\ Pro/Data/Favorites.plist ~/Dropbox/SequelPro_Favorites.plist

To import your Favorite connections, just reverse the steps.

cp ~/Dropbox/SequelPro_Favorites.plist . ~/Library/Application\ Support/Sequel\ Pro/Data/Favorites.plist

Now if you (re)open Sequel Pro your favorites will be there.

Query Favorites

Now lets open the Sequel Pro Query editor and open your favorites. (Option + Command + F). Select edit.

Select the queries you want to export. Use the little settings gear icon to select “Export Selected Favorites”.

This will create an SPF file that you can then import into your new system.

There unfortunately seems to be no way to export these settings from the command line, but if you find a way be sure to let us know.

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