Cleaning up #slack message history

If you use #slack for internal messaging, or for coordinating with others, after a while something becomes very clear. A LOT of messages. And it takes a lot of time to clear those messages.

After a while you may have noticed that you have consumed a significant amount of your allocated space. with slack-cleaner you can run a shell command to connect and clean up your slack messages. 

If you use #slack as a notification center with integrations, you likely have a large number of automated messages “bots” that have populated your channels. It’s also likely that you do not need a years worth of bot messages laying around. Automating the clean up of these messages conserves valuable storage space.

If you want to do this in at regular intervals, you will need to setup a cron job and a small bash script. To help others we have attached a GIST here for you. Simply add your token, and set the number of days of material you want to keep, and run.

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